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Arthur Kottas

Exercises for Developing the Riders Seat & Position

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Some say that Arthur Kottas is the world's leading authority for training the dressage rider's seat and position. In this webinar, Arthur will discuss about refining the dressage seat by discovering elements of balance while in forward motion.  Join Arthur Kottas, LIVE from Vienna, Austria, the former chief and head rider of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna and presently a judge and world authority on dressage as he provides this webinar lecture on beginning and improving the rider's seat and position. Having trained numerous horses from scratch to the Grand Prix, Arthur Kottas is also regarded as one the world's foremost educators on training of a rider's position and effectiveness. His latest interactive webinar on Exercises for Developing the Riders Seat & Position is important for every serious dressage rider to attend.

Don't sit out of this important meeting with Arthur Kottas, one of the most loved and respected dressage trainers in the world.

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Arthur Kottas


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