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Pam Goodrich

Part 3: Training Aids: A - Z - Preparing Horses for Third Level

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Part 3: "Training Aids A - Z --Preparing Horses for Third Level"

This is a continuing series of webinars focused on the important concept of Aids by Pam Goodrich.

Training Aids is subject we never stop learning about -- the degree of aids. The position of aids, The clarity of aids and so much more.

Pam is America's favorite amateur dressage trainer.  Riders from all over the United States and Canada follow Pam Goodrich long extensive experience and knowledge, haveing trained dressage horses and rider for more than thirty years.  She is a leader  to present concepts for developing riders in a clear, precise manner for all to understand and comprehend.

Pam Goodrich presents Part 3 of a continuing series called "Training Aids A- Z", with this webinar focusing on Preparing Horses for Third Level"  For this third Level lecture and discussion, Pam will talk about the intricacies and complexities of aids particularly for third level horses. 

This is a very important classroom meeting.  Don't miss this webinar as it is imperative for every series dressage rider who truly wants to understand the entire concept of aids. Book your seats now as we have limited seats available for the series.

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Pam Goodrich


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