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Mette Rosencrantz

How to Best Prepare Horse & Rider for Show Season

Date & Time To Be Announced

JOIN Mette Rosencrantz on How to Prepare Your Horse for Show Season LIVE from California Jan 14th 930 PM US EAST COAST TIME




A Very Special LIVE Webinar from METTE!!

Mette Rosencrantz: How to Prepare Your Horse for Show Season
Tuesday January 14, 2014
Start Time: 9:30 pm U.S. East Coast Time / 6:30 p.m. U.S. West Coast Time



How to Prepare Your Horse for Show SeasonLIVEwith Mette Rosencrantz

If you are on the West Coast or can join us next Tuesday night after all the cold weather from this week, it's a perfect time to Prepare Your Horse for Show Season with Mette Rosencrantz on her upcoming LIVE webinar.  Mette shares her expertise, presenting her thoughts and accepting questions from participants in a one hour session on everything from
 the preparation at home, to your test, your outfit, the tack for your horse, even the mental preparation, traveling, getting to the show, setting it all up and entering the ring. Make plans to attend this timely webinar that you won't want to miss:  9:30 PM US East Coast Time on Tuesday Night January 14, 2014 

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Mette Rosencrantz


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