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Kathy Connelly

Creating Focus in Your Horse at Home & Competitions

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Join Kathy Connelly in her discussion on creating focus in your horse.  Creating focus in your horse can mean the difference between successful training and successful scores at horse shows.  It is a technique to learn to ride in a way so that you help your horse become more focused, resulting in a better understanding of your aids and your entire relationship with your horse.

Kathy Connelly if regarded as one of the world's foremost experts in guiding a horse and rider combination to the highest levels of success.  Some of the world's top professional riders seek her help and advice. 

Kathy has one of the strongest following of students from accross the U.S. and in this webinar, she will discuss the process of riding in order to help your horse become more focused on his work and his rider and become happy and content with the work resulting in a happy athletic work.  There are limited seats for this webinar so book now and don't be left out as we have limited seating for this webinar.

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Kathy Connelly


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