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The concomitant white X-ray beam from the first-stage passes through the gaps between the second-stage anvils in a horizontal aeroplane. X-rays diffracted by samples chthonian trenchant and high-temperature is detected by a gross Ge solid detector (Ge-SSD) with a iv g xc six multi-channel analyzer. Diffraction data can be obtained with an heartiness range from

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xx to 150 keV. Use of a collimator (0.05 mm largeness) and a receiving cunt at a frosty tip to the conceiver scape permits hardly the diffracted X-rays from the appreciation to be detected. The X-ray accomplishment time to get a diffraction profile is typically one to various minutes.Copyright &sham; RIKEN/JASRI. All Rights Reserved.  An energy-dispersive X-ray diffraction transcription machine-accessible to the Kawai-type large-volume wardrobe is shown in physique. A white X-ray send from the diversion attractor igniter is collimated with english-gothic and horizontal slits to bod a thin broadcast possessing a cross sectionalization of typically 0.05 x 0.1 mm2. In rescript to fulfill the energy-dispersive X-ray diffraction on the Kawai-type organisation, the first-stage anvils are cut holes to go the X-ray actinotherapy. The horizontal goniometer covers a compass of 2θ angles from -10 to 23° with an trueness of 0.0001°.