About DressageMeetingOnline.com

DressageMeetingOnline.com is the newest member of the Select Media family of websites. We are excited to lead the revolution in Dressage Education around the world by offering for the first time, an opportunity for all riders, trainers, judges and enthusiasts at any level to interact live with the Top Dressage Educators up close and personal, using the latest technology available.

By presenting a comprehensive catalog of exciting, live webinar events where participants can call, interact, speak, watch, listen and learn with other students from the most in-demand Dressage Educators across the globe, anyone with a phone line and broadband internet connection


Andreas Stano, Executive Director

Andreas Stano

Andreas Stano is presently the Executive Director and Founder of Select Media Inc., owner and manager of the world famous educational website, DressageClinic.com as well as the daily dressage news site WorldDressageNews.com, and now, added to the list, the revolutionary educational website DressageMeetingOnline.com. Andreas is also the Founder and creator of the Global Dressage Forum North America held in Florida every year and recognized as the most important and influential educational gathering for dressage education around the world. With Mr. Stano’s leadership, innovativeness and dynamic management style, has turned Select Media Inc. into one of the most successful and highly


Suzanne La Licata, Managing Director

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Suzanne brings her 20 year career specialty of education, business and systems solutions consulting to Select Media at an amazing time in the company’s history. Dynamic changes in technology, along with the demand for new content, interactive learning and access to education without boundaries created the vision for launching the DressageMeetingOnline.com website. Suzanne has successfully led and managed innovative programs where Webinar technology brought groups of people worldwide together for the very first time in order to make effective, memorable and meaningful results happen.  It’s her pleasure and passion to introduce this vibrant and personal experience to those who may


Technical Support Team

Our Technical Support Team provides direct access to experts  to help maximize your Live Webinar experience, freeing you to get online quickly to your selected session, and ready to learn from the top Dressage Educators available.



Lawrence Grigoras, Technical Lead

Lawrence 105 x 138

As Technical Lead, Lawrence is our go-to-computer technician at DressageMeetingOnline.com With his A+ industry credentials, we are proud of his hardware and software professional skills. He knows his way around with desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices and has worked with us for several years. If you happen to have a chance to talk with him, we are sure you will be impressed as well. Besides working with computers, being a dad & husband, Lawrence likes to listen electronic music and watch movies.


Gail Herrell, Director of Customer Care

gail with horseGail leads our Customer Care team and has been involved with all of the Select Media websites since 2004. Gail has been named the Editor-In-Chief of WorldDressageNews.com and heads up press and publicity.  She truly enjoys her work, assisting us in bringing the knowledge and experience of the best dressage trainers in the world to our customers. Gail pours her heart and soul into assisting our members and participants to make sure that they get the most out of their online training experience and ensuring that they are treated with the highest level of customer care possible. Gail enjoys her free time riding her horse, as well as


Kate O’Connor, Sponsorships & Advertising

kate from skypeKate manages our Education Partnerships and Sponsorship/Advertising. She currently holds the position of the New England Dressage Association (NEDA) Vice President of Activities. After earning her certification as an Instructor/Trainer through the University of Wisconsin Lacrosse Certified Instructor Program and apprenticing with Lois Heyerdahl, she moved back to her home state of Massachusetts. In addition to ably coordinating sponsorships and working with our education partners, Kate is a real estate sales professional specializing in equine properties and is a certified relocation specialist.