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Welcome to your online LIVE Webinar website for dressage education giving you access to many different live online lectures taught by our exclusive international trainers, judges and equine experts such as Stephen Clarke, Steffen Peters, Conrad Schumacher, Arthur Kottas, Volker Brommann, Gary Rockwell, Lendon Gray, Christoph Hess, Kathy Connelly, Betsy Steiner, Mette Rosencrantz, Pam Goodrich, Christolet Boylen, Sharon McCusker, Hilary Clayton and Sue Leffler on Centered Riding, plus many more of the world’s top dressage experts.

There are limited seats available per Webinar so book your audit seats now and don’t be left out.

What is a Webinar?

Webinars are similar to LIVE classrooms, allowing you to listen and learn from top Dressage educators in real-time, but with the convenience and cost savings of being able to participate from your choice of location, anywhere in the world with a broadband Internet connection.

These LIVE Webinars allow you to not only get to hear and watch the speaker live in an interactive setting, but also ask questions and learn in a fun and friendly environment.

How Does It Work?
You can read the details on our How It Works page on the website, but to give you a few insights with answers to some questions,,,

Do I Know Enough About Computers To Join a Webinar?
If you know how to open your emails and click on a link, then you know enough to join a Webinar.

How Interactive is a LIVE Webinar?
The LIVE Webinars allow you to not only to hear and see the speaker live in an interactive setting but to see important educational presentations that can only be provided by leading experts in the world of Dressage.

At what time should I login for the webinar?
The right time to login is 10 – 15 minutes before the webinar begins – to give yourself enought time to check if your computer is working fine – audio and video. Paid participants will receive an email as soon as they pay to book their seat for a particular webinar with instructions to as to how to log into the webinar.

What Type of Internet Connection and Computer Do I Need to Join a Webinar?
To fully experience your webinar, access to a reliable broadband Internet connection for the scheduled date and time of the Webinar, is the most important item to have.

What Type of Web Browser is Needed?
Our webinars can be viewed using web-browsers such as Internet Explorer Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

Do I have to call in to hear the Webinar?
Telephone calls are not required to hear the audio portion of the Webinar. Once your computer or mobile device is connected on the Internet to the Webinar link provided, the audio can be heard, and participants may use their microphones to interact on the Webinar with their favorite Educator. The visual portion of the Webinar displays as well.

Visit and check out the Schedule of Upcoming Webinars and book your participation seats now before it is too late as limited seating is available.